001:365:2014 – Windshield Water Drops

1:365:2014 - Windshield Water Drops

001:365:2014 – Windshield Water Drops

Had taken my camera out for a bit of quick exploring. Stopped at a store for a quick errand and as soon as I was ready to head out to take some pictures than a flash snow storm blew in, dampening my car and my spirits. Sitting in my car, the snow flakes melting on my windshield caught my eye. While trying to lean in and capture them I accidentally triggered my windshield wipers and had to wait for them to accumulate again.

I played around with this a lot in Elements trying to get the lighting I liked and decided to add a vignette to give it that tunnel vision effect which I think makes it seem like you are looking up through ice. The dark angular shapes near the bottom are actually distant pine trees, but it kind of looks like ice melting.

As the most “out of the box” photo I managed to take today, I think I have to nominate this as my 365 Days Project ‘photo of the day’.

Old Tucson Studios Set

A slideshow of BUNCH of the photos from a fun photo trip my Dad and I took to Old Tucson Studios where a large number of old western and wild west movies were filmed. I had never been there before and had just gotten a new camera, so needless to say I had a blast. Continue reading Old Tucson Studios Set

Day 0 Of 365 2014 Project

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to take at least ONE photo every day (even if I have to take a quick pic with my phone). I will then post it (hopefully the same day) and mark it Day 1 to Day 365. I’ll be posting these “photo of the day” pics to this blog and tagging them “2014 365 Project”. I’ll also be posting them to a “2014 365 Project set” on my FLICKR account.

As it is New Year’s Eve day, I figured I would post the photo below today as kind of a prologue and public commitment towards my new resolution.

000:365:2014 "Flying South"

The photo above was actually serendipitous as I was originally trying to take the photo below; which, while interesting, was a fairly standard picture of a starling sitting on the power line outside my apartment window singing to the rising sun. To my surprise as I looked through the viewfinder, the geese happened to fly into the background, so I quickly recomposed and shot. Since I was at 200mm and not set up for any kind of depth of field the geese were of course out of focus, but I think the blurred silhouettes add to the look; particularly when I dumped all the saturation for a more “artsy” black and white photo. If only the starling had looked to his right (towards the geese) just at that moment, it would have been perfect.

Greeting the Morning

Header Images

  • Update 12/31/13: Added 2 new header images for a total of 10
  • Update 11/27/13: Added 4 new header images for a total of 8.
  • Original Post 11/25/13: Posted 4 new header images.

After running the Twenty Eleven WordPress theme for this blog for two years now, (which I still LOVE,) I JUST discovered something I didn’t realize it could do. Namely that it would let you randomly display from a selection of custom header images.

I remember at one point when I first started using this particular theme that the only thing I didn’t think it did which I wanted to do was random custom image headers. I was new to wordpress and programmed my own very crude routine to do just that. But I made my changes to the actual theme files (which is a wordpress no-no), meaning that when I updated the theme to a newer version I lost those changes. And now I’ve discovered that the theme easily supports just what I wanted it to do much more elegantly than what I had jury-rigged together. If I had only uploaded more than ONE header I would have discovered the option to not only select from one of those images, but to instead display a random image.

Below are the images I currently have randomly appearing on every page of this website (except for on those few posts or pages where I have chosen to have a specific header). I will definitely be adding more soon.

Click the thumbnails to zoom.

While zoomed you can click on the left or right side of the image to move to the previous or next image in the gallery. You can also click the “start” link on the upper right of the zoom screen to watch the gallery as a slide show.