002:365:2014 Footprints Triptych

2:365:2014 Footprints Triptych

002:365:2014 Footprints Triptych

Footprints at the Park: Goose, Squirrel, Dog, Human

Took these while taking a walk in the park this morning with the thought that I might use one of them as my 365 pic of the day. Wasn’t sure I’d use any and I changed what little idea I had on their use after taking them. As such I wish I had composed a couple of these differently. Specifically I wish I had shot the geese prints differently. And I didn’t initially notice the dog prints next to the humans, so I would have better centered the side by side prints.

Finally, got to be a better way to compose a triptych in Elements than the manual method I used. I always seem to spend WAY more time messing with the digital images than I ever get to do using the camera.

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