003:365:2014 Red Tail Hawk Collage

3:365:2014 Red Tail Hawk Collage

003:365:2014 Red Tail Hawk Collage

Gorgeous day out today. I still had not taken my 365 photo of the day when I went for a run after work at the local green belt. Don’t normally do this, but I decided to wear a backpack with my SLR in it — just in case.

I had almost completed my entire exercise without being inspired, (tired, but not inspired,) when far across a field I saw a big hawk in a tree. I got my camera out and made my way through the field trying to get some good shots. What followed was a hop scotch from tree to tree, with the hawk hunting some in between each. I took a bunch of shots, but picked only some near the end of my “hunt” which was the closest I got (which was still pretty far off). When I first saw him I was pretty sure he was a red tail which these photos have pretty much confirmed.

Finally I had considered taking a photo of my bird book & binoculars at some point if I couldn’t come up with an idea some day this year. Guess I just blew that by deciding to include it in this collage.

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