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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
Jeffrey has
read 18 books toward
his goal of
40 books.

Books, Movies, Music, Games & much, much more. This section of my website is where I’ll post about things I’ve read, watched, listened to or played with.

I like to read. A LOT. And of course I find myself glued to the TV or movie screen far too often. I especially enjoy science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, history and biographies. But mostly, I admit, I’m a major sci-fi & fantasy geek.

Below are lists of books I’m currently reading and those I have read recently. Or check out my Reviews and Posts for thoughts inspired by something I’ve recently read or seen, book reviews, movie reviews, tv episode reviews, and more. You can also check out my collection of Favorite Quotes from books, movies, tv or simply from smart and/or funny people.

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really liked it
I liked this a LOT better than I expected to. As with some of the other Forgotten Realms books I had read (The Elminster series) I thought this would have a lot of D&D action but not much story or characterization. I also, knowing a litt…

it was amazing
4.5 out of 5 stars.

There are lots of ways I could describe this book, but the one that stands out and encompasses them all is: It is a work of Art. With a capital A.

In the details it is a space opera sci-fi set in an interesting uni…


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