My Photography

Examples of my photography can be found here.

  • Photo Posts For a while there I was simply posting photos to social media sites and not doing anything on this blog. Now I will be making photo posts here more often. Some of these posts are an article that includes some of my photography (like a post on a trip I may have taken). Others are simply a post of one or more photos with little to no additional info.
  • Photo Slideshows – A sub-category of my photo posts, these are simply slideshows of some associated photos. Some of these slideshows are associated with a more in-depth photo article, and in those cases the article and slideshow entries will be cross-linked. One of the featured slideshows is a set of my Personal Favorites.
  • My Photostream – I’m back to using Flickr as my “main” photo site now that they have upgraded their site and upload limit. There is currently a year or so of stuff that is not duplicated here on my Google+ photo albums. I may or not transfer that stuff back to Flickr.

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