Jeff’s Junk

Okay, why are you checking out my junk? 😉  Here’s where I’ve put links to miscellaneous public stuff of mine on the net for those who may, or may not, care to visit and check out said junk. Much of this is a result of my OCD obsession with lists.

  • Jeff’s Wish List: I’ve started putting things here due to a recent failure of my wish lists elsewhere. So for those who care, use this page and I’ll try to keep everything correct and up to date here.
  • My Favorite Quotes: The link to the left is to quotes I’ve posted here, and as such should be searchable. I also have an old favorite quotes document on Google Drive. Eventually I mean to transfer the quotes in that doc, over to the blog, posting them to the quotes category.
  • Book Quote References: I have recently started to try and copy my highlights from Kindle books I’ve read to a References notebook. Haven’t been very diligent with it and need to go back and transfer older references. But the display and search ability would be nice once I get them added.
  • My GoodReads Profile: Try to keep this up to date with books I’m currently reading.
  • Finious’s Folly RSS Feed to subscribe to the posts to this blog in a RSS Feed app such as Feedly or a RSS Feed client such as FeedDemon.
  • My Flickr Photostream – a feed of the photos I have published online.
  • My Xbox Live Profile: My Xbox Live handle is Finious.

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