Batcab FFotD_2020_171

Batcab 2020_171
FiniousFoto of the Day 2020_171

“Batcab” taken 6/19/2020
This somewhat bizarre car was stopped in front of me at a stop light today around Colorado College. I thought of it as the “Batcab” because of its bright yellow cab-like color; but it wasn’t otherwise made to look like a cab. Besides the weird batarang spoiler and the custom batman logo replacing the logo of whatever actual make ol of car it was (which I could not easily determine) It looks like there are other little spoilers or fins or antennas or SOMETHING on the roof?

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STOP! Redux

STOP! Redux
Stop! Redux

“STOP!” taken 4/29/2007 near Victor, CO
A small sporty Saturn Sky dwarfed by a nearly three-story high dump truck carrying a load of ore to be processed at the Victor, Colorado gold mine.

Another go at this old favorite. Reprocessed the mediocre relatively low res jpg that was all I had for an original and used a 16×9 crop which really helped increase the juxtaposition of the small car and huge dump truck by filling most of the image with the truck. I also applied some vignette. Don’t know why, but I like that darker, faded look 9 times out of 10 it seems. Yeah, I know it used to be created by poor lenses, and maybe it’s an overdone affectation… Still, I usually find I like a photo better with it applied than without.

Flying South Redux

Flying South Redux
Flying South Redux

“Flying South” taken 12/31/2014 Denver, CO
Another reprocessing of an old favorite. This was an accidental quick shot that came out a little better than I expected, considering. I was trying to take a closeup of the bird on the wire directly out the apartment window when I noticed geese flying up in the background, swung and tried to widen the angle a little as I shot with no chance to play with aperture or shutter speeds. The result is of course that the geese are out of focus and blurry, but I think it adds to the shot and feel of one bird watching others leave for the winter.

Pretty much identical composition and cropping from my old first attempt, just cleaner and more pop using Lightroom, and a little more dramatic with some added vignette.