Desert Rust Redux

“Desert Rust” taken 11/21/2005 Tucson, AZ
original “cutout” post-processing 8/21/2006
Decided to go through and collect and retouch some of my old favorite pics. Here’s the first to receive some Lightroom TLC originally taken on an old lower res Nikon, and processed with an ancient Paint Shop Pro app, but still not too bad.

Desert Rust Redux

“Found this abandoned and shot up car in the desert when ATVing in Tucson.”

Alien Squid Lady?

A huge, strange metal sculpture that is part mermaid, creature from the black lagoon, alien xenomorph and squid or octopus that sits on the top of a an old brick warehouse building on the border of downtown Colorado Springs, CO and Old Colorado City. It’s in a location that makes it hard to see and appreciate, being up on a building surrounded by railroad tracks, a major interstate highway and a major road overpass, underpass intersection. Have driven by many times I decided to walk by and see if I could capture some images, but most of the angles except for one side are blocked when you’re on foot.

The sculpture’s placement makes it seem a strange part of the billboard in front and below it.
Squid Lady 2
Looking out from the top of the building like a strange aquatic version of a gargoyle.
Squid Lady 3
The Creature from the Colorado Springs Lagoon?