About Finious (Jeff Beaty)

Hail, fellow followers of frivolity, and welcome to Finious’s Folly.

Me B&W Dec 2015Finious Fingers (aka: Jeff Beaty) lives in Colorado. He enjoys hiking in the mountains with a dog and a camera, watching movies, reading books, playing board games and video games, and occasionally programming and designing websites and database apps.

On this site you will find links to my “life” on the net, examples of my photography, attempts at writing, science fiction and fantasy reviews, hiking trip reports, links to all Jeff’s Junk, and what ever else strikes Finious Fingers’s Frivolous Fancy. (Say that five times fast.)

My chosen nickname of Finious, or sometimes Finious Fingers, was adapted from a humorous character from the early days of Dragon Magazine. Finieous Fingers was a somewhat foolish, bumbling thief whose Dungeons & Dragons style mis-adventures were a favorite of mine as a youth.

I chose the alliteration Finious’s Folly for this website’s moniker because… Well, I often meet definition number one below, and as such, this site can only hope to become an example of definition number two.

Folly: 1. The state or quality of being foolish. 2. A whimsical or extravagant structure built to serve as a conversation piece, lend interest to a view, or commemorate a person or event.

The Logo

Finious Fingers logoThe logo for this website of the “hand” gun with silencer attached to the index finger was drawn by a good friend of mine, Sean Isom, per my instructions. Anything cool about it comes from him, anything not so cool came from me. I admit that I did not have the original idea, but remember seeing something similar when I was a kid. Probably as part of some role-playing game’s material from the ’80’s. I don’t for the life of me remember what it could have been. Considering the gun-like theme it was probably a spy oriented game like “Top Secret”.

The Slogan

My probably ungrammatical Latin slogan of “Non Vi, Sed Arte Et Cor” is supposed to mean “Not by Force, but with Art and Heart!”. It is my adaptation of the Latin slogan on my surname’s coat-of-arms, “Non Vie Sed Arte”, which depending on who you talk to roughly means “not by strength, by guile”, or “not by force, by art”. For more history on this slogan, my surname, and how I came to adapt it, see the post ‘Non Vi Sed Arte’ – What does it mean to me?