New Years’ Day Dusk Snow Storm Photo Jaunt

Bear Creek Stone House at Winter

Bear Creek Stone House at Winter

Stone House at Bear Creek Green Belt park during a brief winter storm at the end of New Years’ day. Kind of looks like the tree is growing out of the top of the house. The ultimate medusa-like “bad hair day”.

Holidays' End

Holidays’ End

Went looking for some photos during a snow storm at then end of New Year’s Day today. Discovered a few lonely ornaments left hanging in a pine tree at a local park. They seemed abandoned. Even the geese seem uninterested.

Waiting for Summer's Return

Waiting for Summer’s Return

This park bench seemed abandoned and forlorn during a sunset snow storm on New Years’ Day. Not sure how an inanimate object can appear lonely, but it seemed almost desperate to have someone sit in it and warm it up a little.

Road to Winter

Road to Winter

Took this on a quick end of New Year’s Day photo jaunt to the local park during a snow storm. Had almost entirely lost the light (and the feeling in my fingers,) when I took this last photo. Then ran to the car to warm up.

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