Pull the Shade on the Night

Winter Moon
Winter Moon

poem © Jeffrey Beaty
written Dec. 31, 2015
24 lines

Times change, and so must I. Appropriate for the beginning of a new year.

This poem began like many of my poems, as a bit of negative maudlin dribble. And then it took a turn for the better. That positive spin was a little bit a conscious choice, but also kind of where I’m at… Trying to break the habits my brain likes to get into and drive outside the “ruts” my grey matter likes to follow. But this turn was also a little what actually occurred, and shows that nothing always stays the same. And if you look hard you can find something to enjoy, be happy or thankful for even in the worst of times. Read the Poem

001:365:2014 – Windshield Water Drops

1:365:2014 - Windshield Water Drops

001:365:2014 – Windshield Water Drops

Had taken my camera out for a bit of quick exploring. Stopped at a store for a quick errand and as soon as I was ready to head out to take some pictures than a flash snow storm blew in, dampening my car and my spirits. Sitting in my car, the snow flakes melting on my windshield caught my eye. While trying to lean in and capture them I accidentally triggered my windshield wipers and had to wait for them to accumulate again.

I played around with this a lot in Elements trying to get the lighting I liked and decided to add a vignette to give it that tunnel vision effect which I think makes it seem like you are looking up through ice. The dark angular shapes near the bottom are actually distant pine trees, but it kind of looks like ice melting.

As the most “out of the box” photo I managed to take today, I think I have to nominate this as my 365 Days Project ‘photo of the day’.