Latest Calibre update and DeDRM plugin

I only just realized the latest update to the wonderful and long-running and continuously improved Calibre E-book Manager application removed my old DeDRM Plugin when I went to add one of my new ebooks to my Calibre library and discovered the DRM was still attached. Apparently the app now uses the Python 3 language for it’s plugins…

I checked with Aprentice Alf’s Blog and sure enough they have a DeDRM Pre-Release. I downloaded it and installed the new plugin and it retrieved all my old settings which were apperently still there from the previous version of the plugin. Removing and reloading the book in question showed the DeDRM Pre-Release seemed to do the trick for this book anyway. I occasionally get Adobe Digital Editions ePubs when Kindle format isn’t available. While I have yet to try the latest version of DeDRM with that, the setting I had for that seemed to be still there too, so I’m assuming that will continue to work as before.

To install, download the DeDRM zip file. Do NOT extract it. In Calibre, click on Preferences, scroll down and click on Plugins in the Advanced section, Click on the “Load plugin from file” button on the bottom right of the Plugins screen. Find and select your DeDRM zip file. It should install and enable the plugin, which you’ll find in the File Type plugins section. Puzzle piece icon next to it will be green if enabled. If you highlight plugin and click Customize Plugin button you can check your settings for the various file types. If, like me, you are a Kindle eInk Reader user, you’ll need your Kindle serial number if the information isn’t already there (it was for me). You can get that serial number from your Kindle, by clicking on the menu button on top right of home screen, then Settings, then clicking the menu button on top right of screen AGAIN, and then clicking Device Info.

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    1. I’m doing ok. I like your Gravitar, Mirko. Clicking on it I discovered you have a cool wordpress blog you haven’t updated in a couple of years. I liked the articles. You ought to post there again sometime. I’d follow you, though I might not be able to literally follow everything you said on the technical articles at least. 😉

  1. I was thinking about doing that exact thing. I’ve just been posting general geeky stuff in Portalien and technical notes on Linkedin.
    Too many things to do so little time.

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