Latest Calibre update and DeDRM plugin

I only just realized the latest update to the wonderful and long-running and continuously improved Calibre E-book Manager application removed my old DeDRM Plugin when I went to add one of my new ebooks to my Calibre library and discovered the DRM was still attached. Apparently the app now uses the Python 3 language for it’s plugins…
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Ebook DRM Removal

Just realized that some of the Kindle e-books I have gotten for a little over a month now I could no longer open in other e-readers or apps. On books I own I believe I have the right to read them on the device I prefer and like to back them up in a way so that my access to my books is not controlled by some third-party which might go away. Anyway, I use the Calibre e-book management tool and have some user-created plugins installed which normally automatically strip the DRM from books I own when I import them into my Calibre library. This apparently had stopped working.

alf-logoIt’s been a long time since I installed these plugins and apparently something had changed in the Kindle DRM. I downloaded the most up to date version of the DeDRM plugins, then re-installed them into Calibre. I then removed the DRM locked books from my Calibre library and re-imported them and everything is golden again. Apprentice Alf’s blog continues to be a god send.

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