New Kindle Voyage & DeDRM

Old "Kindle Keyboard"
Old “Kindle Keyboard”

The old Kindle Keyboard I bought four years ago and use the heck out of had been acting “hinky” for the last year or so. First it had gotten to the point that it wasn’t holding a charge as long as it once did. Worse with the massive number of books I kept stored in it, it would occasionally freak out. I suspect the database of metadata was getting corrupted and on waking the kindle up, the home screen would only display a few books, and then go about updating its database (which took forever) until it would eventually display all my books again. Even after I significantly removed the amount of books I was storing on the device, this still happened every once in a while, and waiting for the device to get its bearings so that I could continue reading my latest book was getting to be a pain.

New Kindle Voyage
New Kindle Voyage

On Christmas I had received a bunch of Amazon gift cards, and it finally placed purchasing one of the new Kindle Voyage e-ink readers that I have been coveting for so long in reach. I finally bit the bullet and got one, and so far am really loving it. I won’t go into all the new and awesome features here, as there are a ton of sites that do that. What I want to talk about is DRM.

As many know I like to keep a DRM free copy of books that I own on my computer so that I can read them on whatever platform or device I may choose. I don’t distribute or sell these of course, nor do I condone that. But for those who like me want control over their own purchases, they may find this useful. Continue reading New Kindle Voyage & DeDRM

Ebook DRM Removal

Just realized that some of the Kindle e-books I have gotten for a little over a month now I could no longer open in other e-readers or apps. On books I own I believe I have the right to read them on the device I prefer and like to back them up in a way so that my access to my books is not controlled by some third-party which might go away. Anyway, I use the Calibre e-book management tool and have some user-created plugins installed which normally automatically strip the DRM from books I own when I import them into my Calibre library. This apparently had stopped working.

alf-logoIt’s been a long time since I installed these plugins and apparently something had changed in the Kindle DRM. I downloaded the most up to date version of the DeDRM plugins, then re-installed them into Calibre. I then removed the DRM locked books from my Calibre library and re-imported them and everything is golden again. Apprentice Alf’s blog continues to be a god send.

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