Burned My Blog

(NOTE: This post updated 5/27/14 w/ additional info.)

So I burned my blog today. No, I didn’t delete or otherwise destroy my blog. Rather I did something I thought I had done a long time ago, and apparently never completed. Namely I signed my blog’s post feed up for a FeedBurner account so I can use some of the features that service provides: such as stats, friendlier subscription options, SmartFeed, and more.

What prompted this is that one of my friends asked if he could subscribe to my blog via email instead of via a post feed. I know there are a number of WordPress plugins that can enable this feature, but I thought I already set up FeedBurner monitoring of my site and knew that the service could be set up to manage email subscribers. Continue reading Burned My Blog

Doctor Who Saves Google

Today in honor of Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary special “The Day of the Doctor”, Google did a Doctor Who Doodle that was also a game. You select the incarnation of the Doctor that you want to play. Then you are transported (via TARDIS of course) to a number of levels to rescue the Google letters that were stolen and are guarded by the Doctor’s enemies: the Daleks, Cybermen and even a Weeping Angel. If you die in the game you re-spawn as the next incarnation of the Doctor.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Google Doodle - Game Over Screen

Goodbye Facebook

Well I decided to swear off Facebook. It’s been a long time coming. No specific event or thing that made me finally decide to do it now, but in general I got so sick of everyone’s political, religious, sport team related, or otherwise just plain annoying posts that instead of removing everyone from my friends list I decided to just remove myself.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but earlier I stopped using this personal blog site because no one visited it. Now I have decided to start using this site again specifically for that reason. Yes, I’ll be posting to a vacuum, as no one will see it unless they specifically come here or subscribe to the feed. I don’t actually expect anyone to do that, but if anyone does they must really want to follow my stupidity and they are welcome to it. Besides the rare bit of “social” posting I’ll put on this site, I plan on using Google+ a bit more. The number of people in my circles is a lot smaller there, the site is used less, and it’s a little easier to control it so I don’t get a lot of garbage I don’t want to see.

I’m So Vain, I Probably Think This Blog Is About Me…

Okay, this video only shows just how vain (and geeky) I have become, because the StanBlog segment of this video made me think of this Finious’s Folly / JeffBeaty.com website, which I named after myself, and which has no specific goal. That being the case it is still darn funny.

The Defenders of Stan Episode 17: Oh, (Big) Brother

You almost have to watch the whole series of Defenders of Stan videos. Basically everyone BUT Stan is a superhero. Continue reading I’m So Vain, I Probably Think This Blog Is About Me…