Goodbye Facebook

Well I decided to swear off Facebook. It’s been a long time coming. No specific event or thing that made me finally decide to do it now, but in general I got so sick of everyone’s political, religious, sport team related, or otherwise just plain annoying posts that instead of removing everyone from my friends list I decided to just remove myself.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but earlier I stopped using this personal blog site because no one visited it. Now I have decided to start using this site again specifically for that reason. Yes, I’ll be posting to a vacuum, as no one will see it unless they specifically come here or subscribe to the feed. I don’t actually expect anyone to do that, but if anyone does they must really want to follow my stupidity and they are welcome to it. Besides the rare bit of “social” posting I’ll put on this site, I plan on using Google+ a bit more. The number of people in my circles is a lot smaller there, the site is used less, and it’s a little easier to control it so I don’t get a lot of garbage I don’t want to see.

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