I’m So Vain, I Probably Think This Blog Is About Me…

Okay, this video only shows just how vain (and geeky) I have become, because the StanBlog segment of this video made me think of this Finious’s Folly / JeffBeaty.com website, which I named after myself, and which has no specific goal. That being the case it is still darn funny.

The Defenders of Stan Episode 17: Oh, (Big) Brother

You almost have to watch the whole series of Defenders of Stan videos. Basically everyone BUT Stan is a superhero. Stan is one of the few “normals”. Worse, Stan’s brother is one of the more powerful superheros and a total ass. Pretty much all the comedic videos on this group’s TheBigHonkin’s Channel are enjoyable. Mostly great comedic writing and timing by the actors, pretty decent production values & effects, and not bad acting. Worth spending some time watching anyway. My absolute favorite of the Dendenders series is Episode 4: Censored!, but there are many that had me laughing out loud, which is rare for me.

Other videos by the group are good. The Roommates series had me chuckling with its many Google gags. Some of the humor of this series is a little more specific; geared more to internet marketing and tech types. And if you’ve read any of the George R. R. Martin series that starts with “The Game of Thrones” you will probably find their latest Celebrity Story Time video pretty humorous.

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