Photo Diary – 2018-04-04 – Waterfall & Wildflowers

2018-04-04 Waterfall & Wildflowers
2018-04-04 Waterfall & Wildflowers

April 4, 2018 – “Waterfall & Wildflowers”

Didn’t get any photos that inspired me today, so fell back to the huge amount of prior photos I have hanging around in need of processing, this one from summer of 2017 taken in North Cheyenne Cañon Park in Colorado Springs, CO.

I attempted to rescue a shot of some wildflowers in shade with a brightly lit waterfall in the background. I had 2 shots, taken with slightly different compositions, zoom & angle. The shot of the flowers that I liked the best I had too narrow of a depth of field so the background of the falls & rocks was VERY blurred. The 2nd shot was better but the composition was poor cutting off much of the flowers (probably because I was too distracted trying to get my camera to do what I wanted). Anyway I processed both of them then tried to blend the good foreground photo with the good background photo. It is just okay if you don’t zoom in and look closely at which point it becomes REALLY obvious. Guess it was some good practice.

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