Photo Diary: Hidden In Plain Sight

2018-04-03 Hidden In Plain Sight
2018-04-03 Hidden In Plain Sight

April 3, 2018 – “Hidden In Plain Sight”
Nature’s architecture hiding in a shadowed corner of man’s architecture.

“Life is made up of marble and mud. … What is called poetic insight is the gift of discerning, in this sphere of strangely-mingled elements, the beauty and the majesty which are compelled to assume a garb so sordid.”
Nathaniel Hawthorne – “House of the Seven Gables”

I caught sight of this old hive a few days ago on the same interesting building where I took the picture of the plaque on 4/1. I go by the building a lot as it is right by where I park for my most common run/walk. Finally decided to try making some art out it. This is CLOSE to how I shot it but I cropped it a little to put the hive in the center of a Golden Spiral, then tone mapped the photo, and then added a color layer of the originally processed shot of some of the elements I wanted to highlight more.

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