The Last Kingdom Season 1 Finale

The Last Kingdom - Season 1, Episode 8I finished watching Season 1 of The Last Kingdom, the TV series adaptation of the first two books of Bernard Cornwell‘s Saxon series of historical novels set in 9th and 10th century Britain. I liked it a lot and hope they renew it for a second season and continue to adapt the books. Very well done.

This scene from Episode 8 tickled my funny bone. Spoilers ahead so read no further if you want to experience this for yourself…. Continue reading The Last Kingdom Season 1 Finale

I Pray Each Day… In Silence

The Last Kingdom - Episode 4

I’ve been really liking The Last Kingdom, the BBC production of Bernard Cornwell’s “The Saxon Stories“. This line from episode four really grabbed me.

King Alfred: “Why do you not pray to God?”
Uhtred: “God… created everything that surrounds me… the fields, rivers, the forests. The land is my church. And I pray each day, Lord. In silence.”
The Last Kingdom – S01E04