Watching ‘Babylon 5’ in its original format is pretty great | Engadget

I have this series on DVD, but from the sound of it, it may be interesting to watch it in the format it was first aired in. Not worth the money it would cost for me to buy it again, but someday?…

The Last Kingdom Season 1 Finale

The Last Kingdom - Season 1, Episode 8I finished watching Season 1 of The Last Kingdom, the TV series adaptation of the first two books of Bernard Cornwell‘s Saxon series of historical novels set in 9th and 10th century Britain. I liked it a lot and hope they renew it for a second season and continue to adapt the books. Very well done.

This scene from Episode 8 tickled my funny bone. Spoilers ahead so read no further if you want to experience this for yourself…. Continue reading The Last Kingdom Season 1 Finale

Be Proud of All You Do

Much of what I do would be considered blue-collar, manual labor. And I kind of like it. You can see what you have accomplished each day. I care what other’s think of my work and ethic, but mostly, I care what I think about it.

“People call this blue-collar. I don’t care what color your shirt is. You bring pride to the job, people notice. Even if they don’t, you notice.”
– NCIS S12E17 “The Artful Dodger”

I Pray Each Day… In Silence

The Last Kingdom - Episode 4

I’ve been really liking The Last Kingdom, the BBC production of Bernard Cornwell’s “The Saxon Stories“. This line from episode four really grabbed me.

King Alfred: “Why do you not pray to God?”
Uhtred: “God… created everything that surrounds me… the fields, rivers, the forests. The land is my church. And I pray each day, Lord. In silence.”
The Last Kingdom – S01E04

Dog Dreams

While I probably wouldn’t recommend this dog food, (I am not a dog food expert by any means), I do recommend these commercials. VERY cool. I always watched my dog dreaming and tried to imagine what he was doing in his dreams. I like to think it would be something like what you see in these commercials. My absolute favorite is this first one of these. The last is pretty humorous too. Continue Reading & Watch Some Cool Dog Videos →

012:365:2014 Sooo much football

012:365:2014 Sooo much football

012:365:2014 Sooo much football

Today spent working (it’s my ‘friday’) and processing a bunch of photos I took yesterday while watching football playoffs. So no time to take new pics so today’s 365 photo is a shot of football on my TV thrown into Photoshop and distorted with a spherize filter.

PS: Denver Broncos were about to score. Yay!

A Sherlock Holmes Day & Review: Sherlock (Season 3)

By sheer luck, today has been Sherlock Holmes day for me…

First: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes was born on this day in 1854.

Second: I watched the first two episodes of season three of the BBC series Sherlock.

While the new Sherlock episodes were fun and quite good, considering that there are only a total of three episodes in the entire season and I just watched two-thirds of them, where are the MYSTERIES? The mysteries should be the CENTER of any Sherlock Holmes tale. The ones that have appeared so far seem to be like appetizers to a meal that is never provided. I have an idea where they may go with the last episode, but really… So much wasted potential.