Pink Denver Sunset Pano

Denver Sunset Panorama 2-10-2016

Denver Sunset Panorama 2-10-2016
Not a great panorama of the sunset in Denver, CO today, as it was done with my Android phone and I wasn’t anywhere where I could get anything really interesting in the foreground… But was all about the sky anyway. This sunset was so bright and so much of the mountain-wave clouds along the foothills was involved that everything seemed to glow pink reflecting the sky from above.

Photo: Stone House & tree near sunset

Stone House and tree near sunset
12/24/14 – Stone House and tree near sunset

Sitting on a bench near the end of the day the other day, took this HDR photo of the Stone House at the Bear Creek Green Belt. We had been under a “wave effect” cloud pretty much all day, which you can see at the top of the photo. The sun was just setting, lighting the scene from the horizon under the stationary cloud front.