Review: Flickr Schedulr Freeware

I have finally gotten around to starting to process tons of old digital photos. To top it off I have been learning some new software, having recently received Adobe Lightroom for Christmas (thanks Dad). While doing this I wanted to start uploading my work to Flickr, but instead of uploading in occasional batches of photos as I worked on them, I thought it would be nice to have some system of uploading them spread out over a schedule. I found a couple of different apps that do just that. One PC app called Flickr Shedulr, and one web-based app called

Flickr Schedulr screenshotSo far I have been using the freeware PC app, called Flickr Schedulr, and I really like it. The first thing you have to do is link it to your Flickr account. This gave me a little trouble at first, but once I got it linked everything has worked great. The app is organized into several different screens or tabs. Read My Full Review →

Always Backing the Losing Horse

It seems that I find myself always backing the losing horse in this race called life. At least the race dealing with technology products and services. 🙁

I don’t go out to pick the horses that will fail. Far from it. I make my choices based on features, usability, customer service, price, product and the company’s reliability, user ratings and more. But when it comes to a technology company succeeding, it really seems to have nothing to do with any of these factors. The deciding factor is always money. Logic seems to say that the money would follow those who succeed in those other factors I mentioned. Sadly there is absolutely no correlation between the two, though sometime it seems there is an INVERSE correlation. Continue reading Always Backing the Losing Horse