Review: Flickr Schedulr Freeware

I have finally gotten around to starting to process tons of old digital photos. To top it off I have been learning some new software, having recently received Adobe Lightroom for Christmas (thanks Dad). While doing this I wanted to start uploading my work to Flickr, but instead of uploading in occasional batches of photos as I worked on them, I thought it would be nice to have some system of uploading them spread out over a schedule. I found a couple of different apps that do just that. One PC app called Flickr Shedulr, and one web-based app called

Flickr Schedulr screenshotSo far I have been using the freeware PC app, called Flickr Schedulr, and I really like it. The first thing you have to do is link it to your Flickr account. This gave me a little trouble at first, but once I got it linked everything has worked great. The app is organized into several different screens or tabs.

The first tab is called Queue and is where you will be doing most of the work. It lets you add batches (of one or more photos) to your queue. You can reorganize photos within queues or move them from one queue to another. There is an option on this tab that lets you go ahead and upload a selected queue, so you could use this app as a simple Flickr Uploader if you wanted but the app’s real power lies in setting up a schedule. This tab also lets you edit all the information about a photo or queue. You can edit a photo’s Title, Description, Tags, set Visibility, Safety and Type. You can also assign the Photos to any Sets (Albums) you have set up on your account, create a new set when the batch is uploaded, and even add the photo to any Flickr Groups that you belong to which is a BIG time saver. Finally you can assign photos to a geographic position if you want using a variety of different map interfaces or import it from a separate file.

The next tab is called Uploads and keeps a running history of batches you have already uploaded using the app.

The third tab called Schedule is where the real power of the Flickr Schedulr lies. It lets you set up a Trigger when an upload event will occur and select from different choices on how often the event will repeat. It looks like you can get pretty advanced with it. I am using a simple one time a day, same time every day schedule which seems to be working fine.

I am really like using it, because now I can process some shots, and spread them out over the next couple of days. Then I can miss a day or two processing stuff to take pictures or do other stuff while still having my photos uploaded on a regular basis.

There are some other tabs and features of the app that I won’t go into here. Everything is fully documented on the apps webpage.

I haven’t really used the web-based app From what I’ve looked at it does have some more advanced scheduling features, and uploads to other photo sharing sites than just Flickr. Another advantage is that being web-based, you don’t have to leave your computer and connected the the internet to have your photos uploaded when you have them scheduled.

Photoqueue does have some free features, but many of the more advanced or powerful features of PhotoQueue fall under a couple different tiers of a recurring paid service. The free service though looks like it has comparable features to Flickr Schedulr, and the only thing it does is add a link back to the PhotoQueue website in the uploaded photo’s description. That link is how I discovered the app as I noticed it on some photos of some people I follow on Flickr who are obviously using the app. The link is fairly unobtrusive and apparently the service works pretty well because some of the people I know who are using the free tier are professionals whose work is pretty popular and who are uploading on a regular basis.


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