What would you do (or not do) for a penny?

What would you do for a penny? No I don’t mean what would you do if someone offered you a penny. I mean how far would you go to prove a point when you have been SHORTED a PENNY by a VERY large mega-corporation with 2.2 MILLION employees world-wide? Obviously it’s not so much about the fracking cent at this point, but when your payroll statement basically says…  $xxxx.x4 + $xxx.x3 = $xxxx.x6 … then there is something wrong. Last time I checked four plus three equals SEVEN, not six. Continue reading What would you do (or not do) for a penny?

‘Coon Crossings & Counterfeit C-Notes

I guess this $100 bill needed washing so someone left it here?

Only a few hours into my day and its already a little bizarre. First driving to work early in the AM and had to stop to let a raccoon cross the road. So I’ve heard its bad if a black cat crosses the road in front of you, but what happens when a ‘coon does so? Apparently you soon stumble on a counterfeit $100 bill laying on a grocery shelf in the laundry soap aisle. 😜

Always Backing the Losing Horse

It seems that I find myself always backing the losing horse in this race called life. At least the race dealing with technology products and services. 🙁

I don’t go out to pick the horses that will fail. Far from it. I make my choices based on features, usability, customer service, price, product and the company’s reliability, user ratings and more. But when it comes to a technology company succeeding, it really seems to have nothing to do with any of these factors. The deciding factor is always money. Logic seems to say that the money would follow those who succeed in those other factors I mentioned. Sadly there is absolutely no correlation between the two, though sometime it seems there is an INVERSE correlation. Continue reading Always Backing the Losing Horse