Weight Loss

Screen shot from MyFitnessPal.com website showing a weight lost of 19 lbs from 2/13/15 to 4/21/15.
Screen shot from MyFitnessPal.com website showing a weight lost of 19 lbs from 2/13/15 to 4/21/15.

I’ve ben feeling a little down about not being able to run recently due to bursitis in my right knee. I reviewed my progress towards my goals and realized I really shouldn’t be down. Yes, I REALLY need, no want, to run again, and hope I can get back to that soon. I’d like to see if I can’t complete some organized runs sometimes in the future.

But thanks to MyFitnessPal.com , despite not always doing my best at eating as well as I should, I have managed to stay pretty close to what I had dialed in. I currently have it set to lose 2 pounds per week. According to my calculations I have actually lost an average of 1.98 lbs per week. Pretty darn close. I have been able to maintain that without ever really feeling like I am starving. Now I just need to get back to strength building again, and find something I can do and enjoy cardio-wise till my knee decides to cooperate.

< 3 weeks, > 10 pounds lost, & new hiking pack

Kind of happy this evening for two reasons.

First, I hit another landmark on my goal to lose the gut and get to a healthy weight again. I’ve been using the website www.MyFItnessPal.com and their free Android App to watch what I eat and have committed myself to regular exercise (currently 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week). I have been using the site, and keeping within these food and fitness goals now for 18 days, (just under 3 weeks,) and have just crossed the 10 pound point, having last 11 pounds as of today’s weigh-in.  A dynamic “ticker” showing my current weight loss and progress towards my goal should appear below.

Created by MyFitnessPal – Free Calorie Counter

Osprey Kestrel 32 backpack in Tarn Blue

Second, I got my new dedicated hiking backpack from Amazon today. It is a Osprey Kestrel 32. Awesome pack. I also got a Osprey 2 liter hydration reservoir, so now I won’t have to take my pack off all the time to get a drink. I’m hoping to try it out for the first time tomorrow. Got to get it all loaded up and ready to go tonight.

I have a number of photo / hiking sessions to report that I need to process and get archived & uploaded. Hopefully will be posting those soon, but for now I would rather go hike (and lose some more weight). So until then…