Can you resurrect dead dreams?

A friend of mine posted something on Facebook that really hit me where I live today. I’m going to quote it in it’s entirety here cause I do NOT want to forget this. I’ve looked it up. The source is the book “The Pilgrimage” by Brazilian author Paulo Coelho. You can find this on a page of his blog. I’m going to look into reading “The Pilgrimage” and his novel “The Alchemist” which I read a lot of raves about. Anyway, on to the quote… Continue reading Can you resurrect dead dreams?

Dog Dreams

While I probably wouldn’t recommend this dog food, (I am not a dog food expert by any means), I do recommend these commercials. VERY cool. I always watched my dog dreaming and tried to imagine what he was doing in his dreams. I like to think it would be something like what you see in these commercials. My absolute favorite is this first one of these. The last is pretty humorous too. Continue Reading & Watch Some Cool Dog Videos →