Weber’s Big Book of… YUMMY!

So I stumbled on this cook book the other day that inspired me to start a cooking and grilling “project”…

Weber's Big Book of Burgers I don’t normally read a lot of cookbooks, but Weber’s Big Book of Burgers caught my eye. Or I should say, what caught my eye first was the gorgeous photography on the cover of some of my favorite, and very delicious looking food. Caught by the attractive cover, I started to flip through the book, and every SINGLE thing in there looks simply awesome, with clear and well laid out instructions. There is much, MUCH more in the cookbook than burgers and brats. There are side dishes, salads, drinks and general grilling and cooking tips too. Continue reading Weber’s Big Book of… YUMMY!

Ancho-Beef Stew, I Love You

I have been trying to be a little more ambitious on my “weekends” off and do some more serious baking & cooking (usually my “cooking” amounts to refrigerated or frozen meals I can pop in the microwave or oven and chow down on with little to no preparation or assembly). Last week I baked cookies from scratch, (making Oatmeal Scotchies with mixed results).

This week I used my Crock Pot to cook up a pretty awesome Ancho-Beef Stew recipe I found in a magazine and baked some pretty good corn bread from a mix (Marie Callender’s Low Fat Original Corn Bread). Probably a copyright violation, but I’m posting a link to my copy of the stew recipe here with some notes and variations on things I did differently a/o might do differently in the future.