Weber’s Big Book of… YUMMY!

So I stumbled on this cook book the other day that inspired me to start a cooking and grilling “project”…

Weber's Big Book of Burgers I don’t normally read a lot of cookbooks, but Weber’s Big Book of Burgers caught my eye. Or I should say, what caught my eye first was the gorgeous photography on the cover of some of my favorite, and very delicious looking food. Caught by the attractive cover, I started to flip through the book, and every SINGLE thing in there looks simply awesome, with clear and well laid out instructions. There is much, MUCH more in the cookbook than burgers and brats. There are side dishes, salads, drinks and general grilling and cooking tips too. You can see for yourself by glancing at the book’s Table of Contents and even see some of the recipes, as this book has its own website.

Weber's Ideal CheeseburgersA Wal-Mart I was at was getting rid of them and the book was on sale at the time, so I had to buy it. The food looked so good that I had to try it out right a way, and I have already cooked two things in it. I picked one of the easiest, almost “generic” recipes in the book to get started. So the first thing I made was Weber’s Ideal Cheeseburgers. I found a copy of the recipe online if you want to try them out. They were simply DELICIOUS.

I took the recipe quite literally, putting on some big dill pickle chips on it which I don’t normally like and usually won’t put on or will pull off at restaurants. But this time the Vlasic pickles I had chosen at the store were an awesome addition, and were just as yummy by themselves. I also made use of some of the basic instructions, such as the book’s Five Steps to Burger Brilliance, which I also found online here.  I wish I had found the time, fixings, and courage to make the Classic Buttermilk Onion Rings recipe that the book recommends as a side. I definitely plan on making those sometime soon too.

I took this photo with my cell phone and unfortunately it came out a little out of focus. But I was rushed, hungry and couldn't wait to dig in.
I took this photo with my cell phone and unfortunately it came out a little out of focus (even after some post processing). But I was rushed, hungry and couldn’t wait to dig in.

The next thing I made was Sausage Mixed Grill over Creamy Polenta – kind of a Italian take on brats & mashed potatoes I guess. First there was the polenta (which is basically corn grits,) which had Romano cheese, cream cheese, and some spices in it. Then 3 types of grilled sausage: Spicy Italian, Sweet Italian & Polska Kielbasa. And then everything was drizzled with a dressing made of fresh basil, shallots, white balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

I had no idea how it would come out or even what to expect taste wise. All I knew was the photo looked really good. While the photo of my creation above is not quite as good, the results were pretty close to the book appearance-wise. Needless to say, what matters is the taste. And that taste was absolutely AMAZING. I cooked it for my parents and a couple of their guests, and they seemed to really like it too.  Even the warmed up leftovers have been scrumptious.

While this isn’t one of my normal book reviews and I have just started to use the book, I do strongly recommend this cookbook to anyone who likes grilling, burgers, and other summer fare. It has inspired me to try making at last one thing a week from it, at least as long as the weather and my access to a good grill and kitchen last. Next up in the lineup is probably either the Tex Mex Beef Burger or the Wild Mushroom Cheeseburger, with the Chopped Greek-Style Salad on the side. I’ll probably post the results of that, and any future cooking experiments on this blog.

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