Music: Map of the Problematique

Muse - Black Holes & RevelationsThe song “Map of the Problematique” by Muse gets me grooving and kicks my butt at the same time… every time.

I was very late discovering Muse but they have become my go to “muse” in so many ways. At least once a weak I put 3 to 4 albums of theirs in my queue and play them straight through in their intended track order — the songs are great individually but seem to carry even more weight when heard with their neighbors.

“Map of the Problematique” – by Muse on the album Black Holes and Revelations
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Music: Muse – Redemption

Muse - The ResistanceThis animated music video for Muse’s “Exogenesis Symphony, Part III” from the album The Resistance is really powerful in my opinion. Made me want to cry… But they were “manly” tears… 😥

I’ve always liked the Exogenesis Symphony by Muse, but I hadn’t seen this video for Part III of that ‘rock’ symphony, “Redemption”. Apparently a shorter version of this animated video was created by the Japanese comedian Tekken using part of the song. The Muse band members saw it, and commissioned him to do their ‘official’ video for the song by expanding on what he had already done. The only decent quality online copy I’ve been able to find for it is this one with foreign sub-titles.
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