Poked, Prodded & Verbally Accosted

To an Introvert, people are just weird… Ourselves included…

Had my annual physical this morning, so after being poked and prodded I was really looking forward to relaxing over a late breakfast at the Egg & I. It was delicious. As soon as I sat down however, I was continuously talked up by a grey-bearded stranger maybe a decade older than I in the booth adjacent to mine.

Any who know my introverted ways should know this kind of encounter makes me VERY uncomfortable.
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Can you resurrect dead dreams?

A friend of mine posted something on Facebook that really hit me where I live today. I’m going to quote it in it’s entirety here cause I do NOT want to forget this. I’ve looked it up. The source is the book “The Pilgrimage” by Brazilian author Paulo Coelho. You can find this on a page of his blog. I’m going to look into reading “The Pilgrimage” and his novel “The Alchemist” which I read a lot of raves about. Anyway, on to the quote… Continue reading Can you resurrect dead dreams?

INFP… Definitely “Me”

infp-darksideI am an INFP. I may have been told this once before, but as usual in my scatter-brained way I data-dumped it. I recently stumbled on this again, and all I can say is, “Yeah. That’s definitely me.” What am I talking about?

A bunch of head-shrink types broke human personalities into 16 basic types (called the Myers-Briggs Personality Types,) which were based on these 4 things: Continue reading INFP… Definitely “Me”

Conscience, Morality, Civilization

Maybe it’s odd that a passing comment by a character in a Tom Clancy thriller got me thinking deep thoughts this morning, but it did…

“A conscience is the price of morality, and morality is the price of civilization.”
“Patriot Games” by Tom Clancy, Page 97.

I do not agree with this. Especially the last part about civilization.

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Blue Jay, “Hey.”

Got the day off work today, and slept in a little this morning. I had removed a box fan from one of my apartment windows, and I was just standing looking out the wide open window enjoying the view when I noticed some birds. On the far side of some tennis courts on the school grounds that neighbor my apartment complex, I saw two big blue jays and a larger black bird I could not identify.

Jay (okay, Magpie) on the Prowl - an old photo of mine of a bird similar to this morning's encounter

Curious, I got out my binoculars and checked the trio of birds out. The mysterious stranger was just a big crow. The hyper-territorial jays had probably been harassing it, and now they were all just resting on top of the tennis court fences eyeing each other warily.

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So hard to see the beauty.

Some days it is SO hard to see the beauty… Today (7/28/2013) was one of those days.

I won’t go into a lot of detail, but I had an experience with a supervisor / co-worker and supposed comrade / shipmate which shook my faith in humanity. The discovery initially just made me angry. But the action was so blatant and apparently vindictive. The person lied and plead ignorance when I initially asked them about it, and then changed their story and lied to me again when I confronted them with the truth. The event was minor but the vindictiveness of it, the dishonesty, and what it appeared to reveal of this person’s opinion of me… these things quickly turned my initial anger to a deep feeling of sadness and has left me with a very negative outlook on humanity and life. Continue reading So hard to see the beauty.

Food Court Philosophy

Food CourtIt is strange going to a shopping mall geared for the rich when you have no intention of buying anything and are there merely to pass some time. The obligatory shopping center food court can be a particularly thought provoking place to hang out when you’re not eating. Before lunch the mall itself was still fairly busy but the crowd was primarily the rich doing a little shopping. At lunch though, particularly at the food court, things get really busy and the crowd changes, becoming more blue collar. All these people… Continue reading Food Court Philosophy

Journal Category

The “Journal” category of this blog is mostly just to provide me, (the site’s owner,) with a convenient link to my personal journal posts. As such, (unless you happen to be me,) you won’t see much here, as I suspect I won’t be making many of my journal posts public. Any thing from here that I might deem worth public consumption will probably be added to other categories as well.

But then again, you never know.  I may mark something else visible to the public in here every once in a while, just to see if I can sneak one by my non-existent followers…