Poked, Prodded & Verbally Accosted

To an Introvert, people are just weird… Ourselves included…

Had my annual physical this morning, so after being poked and prodded I was really looking forward to relaxing over a late breakfast at the Egg & I. It was delicious. As soon as I sat down however, I was continuously talked up by a grey-bearded stranger maybe a decade older than I in the booth adjacent to mine.

Any who know my introverted ways should know this kind of encounter makes me VERY uncomfortable.

He mentioned the Navy at one point and I made the mistake of asking him about it which I’m afraid only encouraged him to talk non-stop about incredibly personal stuff. Turns out he was a fellow enlisted Navy ET who had mostly been stationed at shore commands. His “sea stories” were somewhat interesting but also made me increasingly uncomfortable as they seemed to be geared to show how awesome he thought he was.

I was polite, but after a while I so wanted to say to this fellow ‘twidget’: “Thank you for your service. I’m sorry if you are lonely or in need of attention. Now, could you please let me eat.” I got out of there as quick as I could feeling like I had leaving the Doctor’s office… relieved that it was over.

Signs that you’re an Introvert

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