TENET: Updated with Review 1/25

(Initially posted 8/24/20) I only heard about this upcoming flick awhile back. A new trailer just came out, and needless to say I want to see it, preferably in a movie theater now that Covid nonsense allows, and not a year later on DVD.

Update Movie Review

(1/25/21) I rented this on DVD the weekend before last. While interesting, I have to say, “I was NOT impressed.” I actually had to stop the movie at one point and come back to it later, as it was driving me nuts.

I won’t go into details, but I found Tenet a very tenuous story with a mystery that has plot holes galore and what is revealed is incredibly ridiculous. The actual physical McGuffin looked absolutely silly too.

Yes the movie was cinematically polished and the acting and action was well executed, but it was all to serve a story that while science fiction (which I usually love), I found completely ludicrous What there was of an actual plot was clearly just a bare bones excuse to prop up the cool, if silly premise.

And they stole an idea from Neal Stephenson. The main character’s name is “Protagonist”. The main character from Stephenson’s 1992 “Snow Crash” was called “Hiro Protagonist” which besides being the first example of the idea in fiction that I’m aware of, is just far cooler with that pun of a first name as the cherry on top.

2 thoughts on “TENET: Updated with Review 1/25”

  1. It’s Nolan, that’s automatically a movie I want to see. 🙂 But yeah, I hear you. Probably gonna wait until I can stream it, though.

    1. I just heard another reason to go to it here in theaters. First trailer for Dune will be playing in previews before Tenet when it opens here. 😃

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