My Old Sub Will be Decommissioned in a Few Years

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sad that the submarine I served on in the U.S. Navy (the USS Pasadena – SSN 752) is apparently scheduled to be decommissioned and scrapped in a few years. Spent about 4 of the best (and worst) years of my life on that pig, and crawled into nearly every nook and cranny in and outside the pressure hull during numerous field days, dry docks and overhauls, long qualification studies, or just out of plain boredom or curiosity.

Yes, much of the good and bad memories are due to the somewhat disfunctional family that was the crew, but as any sailor will tell you, every ship (or boat as we call them in the sub service,) you serve on becomes a little like a person. It’s why they call ships “she”. I will feel like I’ve lost a loved one when the “good ship ‘Dena” — “Frumpy” — is no longer out their plowing the seas; carying her load of sailors and ordinance, ready to kick butt “anytime, anywhere”.

Navy Plans to Retire 48 Ships During 2022-2026

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