UPDATED: Another Babylon 5 Star Has Gone Out

[Originally published 1/22/21, updated 1/27/21]
😥😭 For me Mira’s role as Delenn, and her always amazing performance, defined Babylon 5. It was her talent for me that made that show not just a good show, but a great show. And yes, I’ve always had a crush on Mira, in large part due to her role in B5.

UPDATE: (added 1/27/21)
I saw this tribute video to Mira Furlan and her various roles. It collects a lot of Mira’s best moments in her role as Delenn in B5 and of her speaking at a convention. It also acknowledges a number of the other main characters from the show whose performers have left us far too early. I found it very touching and wanted to both share and save it, so I’m adding it here.

One thought on “UPDATED: Another Babylon 5 Star Has Gone Out”

  1. So many of the main players in this great show left us way too early. Every rewatch is a little bitter sweet because of it.

    • Andreas Katsulas (59) [G’kar, Narn Ambassador & Spiritual Leader]
    • Jeff Conaway (60) [Zack Allen, B5 Security Sargent & Director]
    • Richard Biggs (44) [Stephen Franklin, B5 Doctor & Earth Head of Xenobiology]
    • Michael O’Hare (60) [Jeffrey Sinclair, B5 Commander & Ranger One]
    • Jerry Doyle (60) [B5 Security Chief & Alliance Intelligence Director]
    • Stephen Furst (63) [Vir Cotto, Aide to Centauri Ambassador & Emperor]
    • Tim Choate (49) [Zathras & Zathras 😉]
    • Mira Furlan (65) [Minbari Ambassador & Interstellar Alliance President] 😢

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