Life Is Just a Four Letter Word

poem © Jeffrey Beaty
September 17, 2018 — 2:00 AM
16 lines

An early morning, can’t sleep bit of negativity purposefully turned positive. And yet another idea I was not shocked to learn that I was far from the first to consider…

Life Is Just a Four Letter Word by Jeffrey Beaty

Life is just a four letter word
   In the story that drones in your head
   Till the plot is lost, its vision blurred,
   And its narrator ends up dead.

Math too is a four letter word
   And life just another equation,
   With plus and minus and numbers absurd
   Forming patterns that model illusion.

Hope and fear. Lust and pain. Love and hate.
   Just more words that total to four
   Weaved to tell stories of a fate
   That's often a sad, trivial bore.

So when the sums are all coming to four,
   When life loses meaning and your just not sure,
   There's one thing that'll make life less a chore;
   Just live your life and stop keeping score.

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