Rock Pillars & Eagle

2018-04-10 Rock Pillars & Eagle
2018-04-10 Rock Pillars & Eagle

April 10, 2018 – “Rock Pillars & Eagle”

Taken while exploring Palmer loop trail / Section 16 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Accidentally captured an eagle or hawk that was gliding around hunting while being harassed by crows. I had been trying to get it a good photo of it earlier and gave up, deciding to take some HDR shots of the rocks. Ironically caught the hawk in 2 of the 3 exposures of this shot. Didn’t even realize it at first. I had turned off ghost removal as wasn’t windy or anything at the time, so was surprised when I saw the hawk & crow. If you look closely, though it isn’t as clear in this tonemap, there is also another ghost of the hawk just starting to clear the ridge.

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