Review: Shift

 by Hugh Howey
Silo series #2
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My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars 3 out of 5 star
First Published: January 28, 2013
Read from: May 27 to June 13, 2015

Prequels to Post-Apocalypse Stories (Pre-Apocalypse?) Have No Suspense… You Know What’s Coming.

Shift is the second book in the Silo series, but is actually the chronological prequel to the Wool Omnibus, the first book in the series. But you should definetely read Wool first! Confused yet?

I did not enjoy Shift as much as the “first” book in the series. Being a post-apocalyptic series, detailing how the apocalypse and the “world” the characters of the Silo series live in came to be, this book (or set of 3 novellas) is fairly depressing to be honest. While it takes place before the first book, it brings you up to and mentions in passing some of the events from the first. The POV characters of all the stories seem a little, to a LOT crazy (as anyone would probably be in similar circumstances,) but while the first book seemed to be largely about overcoming all odds and staying true to yourself, this book seemed to be the antithesis of that.

At the end I was still very confused by the whole chain of events the creators of the silos really intended and what was truly going on. Maybe I just missed something, or that was the intent as the primary POV character seemed to be a bit of an unreliable “narrator”, but it left me feeling like the author himself didn’t really have a completely well thought out plan.

I’ll reserve judgment until I read the last in the series “Dust”, which I intend to do at some point. The writing is still quite good, and I see some hints at what might be to come that are intriguing. I’m hopeful anyway.


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