Today Skunked Sister, Tomorrow N00b Nephew Pwned

I am a childish old man who enjoys the simple things in life… Gaming.

This evening I played a game of cribbage with my patient sister who is in town visiting for a couple of days. Luck of the draw, but I “skunked” her big time. It was close to being a double skunk at one point. I love cribbage but rarely get to play it. I think my sister humors me, though usually she gives me a run for my money. I hope her loss, (and my shameless taunting,) don’t turn her off on the game.

My nephew recently got an Xbox 360, so I gave him a few games for his birthday. He’s brand new to console gaming, and still getting the controller coordination. I told him tomorrow evening he could come over to my place and play one of the games I gave him on my Xbox as he won’t have an opportunity to try them until they get home. I of course arrogantly told the young padawan that I’d train him in the ways of the force. Considering how infrequently I play anymore, he will probably “pwn” me instead of the other way around.

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