Chicken ‘Loris

I remember a guy named Chick. I honestly don’t know if that was his real name or nickname. And his gal named Deloris. A married couple whose first names were Chick and Deloris. I don’t think I ever knew their last names. To me though Chick and Deloris was never their name. To me they were Chicken ‘Loris, and always will be.

Apparently as a wee rugrat I had once misheard “Chick and Deloris” and combined it in my head, morphing it into “Chicken ‘Loris”… A single animal in two parts. They and the family just adopted my version of their names, and they all came to use that among themselves, at least when we were together.

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Today Skunked Sister, Tomorrow N00b Nephew Pwned

I am a childish old man who enjoys the simple things in life… Gaming.

This evening I played a game of cribbage with my patient sister who is in town visiting for a couple of days. Luck of the draw, but I “skunked” her big time. Continue reading Today Skunked Sister, Tomorrow N00b Nephew Pwned