Music: R.I.P. Bob 2 of DEVO

Sad news. Bob Casale (Bob2) of DEVO passed away yesterday, February 17, from heart failure. See the press release from his brother and DEVO founder Gerald Casale.

The news had me crawling the web watching DEVO videos…

Devo’s “Beautiful World” seems an appropriate song for today, exposing that ironic mixture of beauty and ugliness of life. As Nathaniel Hawthorne said: “Life is made up of marble and mud.”  It is a sad truth that beauty and majesty “are compelled to assume a garb so sordid.”

I stumbled on this wonderful bit of classic live concert footage. They’re music has always fascinated me, but there is something about the energy of their live performances that takes that groove to another plane entirely. Here we see them performing “Secret Agent Man”, “Blockhead”, “Uncontrollable Urge”, and “Mongoloid”

Bob Casale’s passing is doubly sad as the band had been so active recently. With new music and many new tours, they did an entertaining job of showing us “What We Do”. Bob2 is playing keyboards on this live performance.

As you saw in the last video, while the band’s current age slows them some (not much) on stage, their experience only makes their message more powerful as felt in the song “No Place Like Home” from their last album. This “fan vid” does a fairly good job of complimenting the song with appropriate visuals.

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