The Day After the Doctor

The Day of the Doctor

Well, on the Day AFTER the Doctor, I finally managed to watch the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special: The Day of the Doctor. All I can say is:


Steven Moffat has done it again! Not only has he written a piece of work that was incredibly entertaining — funny & sad, irreverent and deep — he has also managed to tie up so many loose ends while managing to incorporate 50 years of Doctor Who and set up a whole new future for Doctor Who to come.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary BannerI don’t want to give away any spoilers to my non-existent followers, but here is one great quote (from SO MANY that exist) that doesn’t give away anything here, taken out of it’s context.

“Great men are forged in fire. It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame… whatever the cost.”

Update (11/25/13): The BBC released a new version of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Banner showing all the incarnations of the Doctor (the one published before the show is seen above). They held off revealing this one until after The Day of the Doctor was released. If you’ve seen the show you will know why. Rather than insert it into this post and possibly spoil things for those who haven’t seen the show, I will simply link to it here:

SPOILER WARNING: Click here to see the REVISED 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Banner.

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