‘Under The Dome’ Very Underwhelming

I kind of expected it, but I must say I found the CBS TV adaptation of Stephen King’s Under the Dome very underwhelming. While the book was okay (until the end) it was similar to, but not as good as so many other King novels which explore (at least in part) a group of ‘small town’ characters under the pressure of some mysterious threat. Such novels as ‘Salems Lot, Needful Things, The Tommyknockers, It, and much more. The only thing I found vaguely intriguing about the novel was the mystery of the dome itself, and the final reveal of that mystery I felt was disappointing.

So I wasn’t really surprised that I found the pilot of the tv series of Under the Dome thoroughly uninspired. Just like the book, the only things that even vaguely got my attention was the effects of the dome itself and while the medium of television allowed this to be more visually engaging, even those brief moments I felt to be pretty humdrum. Sad to say, but if the series follows the book much at all I expect those moments will be the most entertaining of the show. The only other thing that made the novel intriguing was King’s portrayal of the town’s characters, and that seems to be sadly lacking in the TV show. Across the board the acting was shallow, wooden and very boring.

In summary, I doubt I will be watching this any further. I may stream it at some point after it’s all over just to see what I missed. Maybe I’ll be happily surprised. But if I never get to it, I suspect I won’t miss much.

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