We *ARE* In The Twilight Zone

While doing house work, I have been watching original episodes of The Twilight Zone. Heard this little bit of narration from the pen and mouth of Rod Serling.

“You’re looking at Mr. Fred Renard, who carries on his shoulder a chip the size of the national debt.” — What You Need” The Twilight Zone, S01E11 (1959)

Even in 1959, the U.S. national debt was considered incredibly large. In 1959 it was “only” $290,797,771,717.63 ($290.8 billion). As I write this @ 2pm on 8/21/2013, it just passed $16,909,269,760,000 ($16.9 TRILLION). And you can visually watch it increase by the tune of over $10,000 per SECOND.

But really, I guess it’s not that bad… That is only 58 times bigger than it was 54 years ago. Now just wait $10,000, did I just say that? Just goes to show that we ARE in the Twilight Zone.