‘The Martian’ Meets ‘Ready Player One’

A friend of mine pointed out a little bit of sci-fi geek trivia I hadn’t heard yet that features a neat little short story…

Andy Weir, author of the very popular novel “The Martian” wrote a short bit of fan fiction in the “universe” of Ernest Cline’s very popular “Ready Player One”. Apparently Cline heard of it, liked the story and it’s implications, and got approval to include it in a recent edition of Ready Player One, effectively adding the story to the RP1 “canon”. Continue reading ‘The Martian’ Meets ‘Ready Player One’

Review: The Martian

The MartianThe Martian by Andy Weir
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My Rating5 out of 5 Stars 5 out of 5 stars 
First Published: 2011
Read from: August 4, 2014 to August 6, 2015
Awards: 2015 Seiun Award for Best Novel, 2015 John W. Campbell Memorial Award Nominee for Best Novel, 2015 ALA Alex Award

Legitimate science, edge of your seat action & suspense, and great humor; no wonder a movie is in the works.

I finished The Martian in very little time. The first 25% I read at a fairly normal pace and liked enough that it really grabbed my interest. Shortly there after it went from damn good, to… *AWESOME*!… I read the last 75% or so in one continuous reading, as I simply could NOT put it down. That ought to tell you something right there.
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