Worth Living For…

“It’s easy to find something worth dying for. Do you have anything worth living for?” — Lorien

Babylon 5: Sheridan and Lorien in his true formMore sci-fi philosophy…

This quote is from Babylon 5, Season 4 Episode 2 ‘Whatever Happened To Mr. Garibaldi?’. The series as a whole has some great quotes, but this episode alone had a bunch of powerful lines, most coming from the enigmatic character of Lorien, ‘The First One’.

The quote above comes from the beginning of an exchange between the character of Sheridan and Lorien, which ends a few lines later with these two lines:

Sheridan: “But I can hope.”
Lorien: “Hope is all we have.”

And this longer quote from Lorien is delivered to Sheridan a little earlier. It seems even more to the point:

“You can’t turn away from death simply because you’re afraid of what might happen without you. That’s not enough! You’re not embracing life. You’re fleeing death. And so you’re caught in between, unable to go forward or backward. Your friends need what you can be when you are no longer afraid, when you know who you are and why you are and what you want, when you are no longer looking for reasons to live, but can simply be.” — Lorien

I’m not sure I know who I am, or why I’m here, or what I really want… Other than I want to embrace life, be a positive influence on those I know and meet, and simply be, knowing as the Firefly theme song says: “You can’t take the sky from me.”

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