Review: Hellboy Vol. 2: Wake the Devil

Hellboy, Vol. 2: Wake the Devil by Mike MignolaHellboy, Vol. 2: Wake the Devil by Mike Mignola
Hell Boy series #2
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My Rating2.5 out of 5 stars 2.5 out of 5 stars 
First Published: February 1994
Read from: Mar. 1-9, 2016

Better art, more characters, cooler bad guys… And ZERO story

I felt this graphic novel, the second volume of collected Hellboy comics, lay somewhere between “it was ok” and “I liked it”. While there was so much that was potentially great in this graphic novel, it was thrown in a barrage that had no consistent thread and did not stay long enough with any one element to build any interest in me with what was going on. In some cases I’m not sure what was going on even had any explanation.

The series has always been about mashing up multiple genres, but this time around anyway it felt like their was nothing to bring the mix together. As before we have Nazis, wizards, and Cthulhu-like alien god-like beings. This volume adds vampires, Greek deities and Slavic fairy tale creatures. The character designs are if anything better, there are a few good lines, and excellent art, but… I feel like this story line should have run for double the length and the plot needed a LOT of polish. In some places there seemed to be logical jumps that skipped way too much.

Sorry to say while I liked it on a whole, it felt like a poorly performed magic trick where you can see the man behind the curtain. There was a lot of interesting flash, but nothing that left me thinking or enthralled as in the first volume. If the next book in the series fails to grab my interest as much as this one has done, I will be reading no further.


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