My 2015 Year in Books

Jeff's 2015 Year in Books screenshotI’ve used for a few years now to keep track of the books I want to read, am currently reading, and have read. Occasionally I’ll review books there and I usually post those reviews on this blog. For the most part I really like the site.

One of the things GoodReads does that I kind of like is a yearly “Reader Challenge”. Basically you record the number of books you think you’ll read for a year, and then as long as you are recording when you have finished a book, it shows you how far along you are to reaching your “goal”.

Normally I have gotten close to, or just completed my goal, as from past experience I know about how much I will read in a year. This year I significantly passed my goal by 160%. I may have read a little more than usual this year, but for the most part, I read (and recorded) more short fiction.

This year though, in addition to showing simply the number of books you read, GoodReads also included a nice graphic page of your “Year in Books” which shows a bunch of other interesting stats, like number of pages, how you rated books, your highest and worst rated, shortest and longest, etc.

Also kind of cool is you can save and “share” your Year in Books page, which assigns your page your own unique web address. Here is MY 2015 GoodReads Year in Books.

[UPDATE (4/16/2016): GoodReads has apparently taken the 2015 Year in Books area down. (Seems strange to develop it and then rip it down a few months later, but go figure.) So in it’s place here is a link to my 2015 Reader Challenge page on GoodReads, showing the book I read that year. Unfortunately it doesn’t include the interesting visual stats of the Year in Books, but…]

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