Review: Blue Mars

Blue MarsBlue Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson by Kim Stanley Robinson
Mars Trilogy series #3
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My Rating:  1.5 out of 5 stars 
First Published: June 1996
Read from: July 28 to September 24, 2014

Blue Mars = Boring Mars

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Between describing everything’s color in infinite detail (even to the point of discussing color charts), to following at least one character that I found I really disliked, this last book in the series really could not hold my interest. I picked it up and put it down for other books off and on over 2 months, which tells you something right there.

The story explored really only one “new” concept (memory). Most of the book seemed nothing but thinly veiled reasons to explore some new bit of Mars’ terraformed landscape (and other solar system locations), or some cool bit of tech to enjoy said scenery (seems everyone in the future is a tourist). These would have been much more entertaining if the book had been a movie, the descriptions had not been so drawn out, or something significant to the plot or characters really took place. None of the old characters seemed very interesting, and at least one new character I really despised.

In short, while beautifully written, this book was terribly disappointing.


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