Review: Wool – The Wool We Pull Over Our Own Eyes

Wool Omnibus (Silo, #1) (Wool, #1-5)Wool Omnibus (Silo, #1) by Hugh Howey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wool by Hugh Howey was a very engaging and well written novel (actually a collection of 5 novella’s, but really just one big continuous novel). While its basic concept of a post-apocalyptic society living in a silo to escape the toxic outside world wasn’t particularly original; the skill with which everything was written, the well thought out world of the silo, and the way the plot enfolded and secrets were revealed was expertly crafted.

Yes, there were SOME minor things that bugged me here and there. One major villainous character seemed to be very stereotypical and over-the-top in the first couple of stories. However when he became a more central character in one of the later novellas you begin to see at least SOME motivations and rationale for why he has done some of the things he’s done.

Another minor thing that bugged me was that the protaganist through most of the stories is placed in mortal danger numerous times, each becoming so severe that the chances that character could have survived began to push on the borders of my ability to suspend disbelief. However it must be said that these same scenes kept me eagerly turning the pages to see what happened next.

But the best thing I think I can say about the story is that besides being a well-written bit of sci-fi entertainment, the story — especially in its final 2 parts — really got me thinking. It managed to do this in a rather unique way. It did not preach anything, but the mood and theme the story took began to get my mind moving.

I’ll be specific here on the topic this novel got me interested in exploring in more detail. While this really is not a spoiler as it has no major effect on the plot, characters or even secrets of the world, I will hide it in spoiler tags in case others may want see what thoughts the novel arises in them without any preconceptions…

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