If Planets Were as Close as the Moon

Normal Night Sky © Ron Miller/BNPS

We all know what a landscape photo displaying the moon looks like. Here’s one that The Atlantic posted. But far more interesting is they have posted similar images created by Ron Miller, former art director of NASA, showing what the night sky would look like if each of the planets in our solar system were the same distance away as the moon is to us.

Be sure to see: What the Night Sky Would Look Like If the Other Planets Were as Close as the Moon

Very cool if you ask me. Though I wonder. I sometimes get vertigo looking up at large things hanging above me. It probably has something to do having no horizon as reference, but it has happened to me usually inside large rooms when looking up at massive domes above. It’s happened under the US Capitol building’s dome, and when looking up at the big dome at Denver’s Pepsi Center where they play baseball and hockey. Would I have a similar response outside if something the size as the planet Jupiter hung in our night sky as close as our moon does? Of course if it did, I probably wouldn’t be alive to have vertigo due to massive tidal forces and radiation.

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